So, following on from the passing complex data using structs not XML I then discover that there appears to be a behavioural change from when I tried this before (some 10 years ago), either based on the original data being struct, or in the retrieve/reconnect. 

I have an order/items relationship painted. In the order entity are non-database fields to display the total value of the order (amongst others). This field is passed from the service as null (the field exists in the model, or it wouldn't exist in the component subtypes). 

If I total this field from the value(s) in the items entity in the postloadoccurrence trigger of the items entity, it is wiped down to null again before the post-load-occurrence trigger of the order is fired. 

Whilst I can total it in the pre-save-occurrence trigger of the items entity in the service, because this is fired after the pre-save-occurrence trigger of the order, you can't do further maths or comparisons on these totals. 

It appears from the code I used to use to load this, that the field wasn't wiped down (reset to loaded value) after the retrieve/reconnect. 

Is there a 'best' place to do these totals? 

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