We are trying to migrate our Uniface 9.7 application (Solaris/oracle) to UNIFACE 10 (Solaris/oracle).

1) We managed to open UNIFACE 10 IDE but we still have errors (error messages here under) and we don't know where to find those objects (example : prc/$$register@system_library.prc) in UNIFACE 10.

Object NOTFOUND   [0] prc/$$register@system_library.prc

Object NOTFOUND   [0] rsp/uurepos@e
Object NOTFOUND   [0] rsp/uurepos@system_library@e.rsp

Object NOTFOUND   [0] rsp/ide@usys@e.rsp
Object NOTFOUND   [0] rsp/ide@system_library@e.rsp

Object NOTFOUND   [0] fmt/u_multipleselect@usys@e.fmt

Object NOTFOUND   [0] men/usys_bar@usys@e.men

Object NOTFOUND   [0] rsp/uc_main@e

Object NOTFOUND   [0] rsp/uc_props@e
Object NOTFOUND   [0] rsp/uc_props@system_library@e.rsp

Object NOTFOUND   [0] rsp/uumessage@usys@e.rsp
Object NOTFOUND   [0] rsp/uumessage@system_library@e.rsp

Object NOTFOUND   [0] rsp/ide_api_1@e
Object NOTFOUND   [0] rsp/ide_api_1@system_library@e.rsp

2) We have exported our Uniface 9.7 application in 1 ".xml" file (U9.7 Menu > Export) but we are not able to import it (U10 Menu → Import) in UNIFACE 10 : after few minutes there is an error : Something seems to be wrong in USOURCE but we don't know what imported data raised the error :

Does someone have an idea ?

Thanks (smile)

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      Hello Pascal,

      The mentioned "Object NOTFOUND" messages are in this case just white noise and can be ignored.

      The second issue seems to be caused by a problem with the data, since all the key fields, of an occurrence that should be removed, seem to be empty (which should not be the case). There's either something wrong with the export file or there's an issue with the database configuration/settings. It's probably best to log a call with support, and send your Uniface 9.7 export file along with the configuration (i.e. database, driver settings, ...) you are using.


      1. Pascal MAUSS

        Thanks Daniel,

        OK I will ignore the Object NOT FOUND

        The second problems seems to be resolved with your answer from my other question : Migration UNIFACE 9.7 to 10.3 : errors importing keyboard "Multiple hits for down entity")

        Have a nice day (smile)

      2. Daniel Iseli

        Thanks for your feedback, Pascal. And you are welcome. It's good to hear that you could resolve the problem.

        Also have a nice day (smile)

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      HI Pascal,

      I don't know about U10 but certainly in earlier versions if you migrated source from one version to another you had to then import the Uniface Meta data for the new version over the top (as the old import may have contained old meta data unless you specifically excluded it). These are located in the misc\umeta.xml file in older installs.

      Given that it seems to be failing to find resource files you may have to /all again after importing.

      Alternatively you may have accidentally redirected the Uniface resource files in your ASN structure.

      Hope it helps


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