Bold looking characters in printouts

When using the Universal Printer Driver for Client Printing, users can experience where text prints with a heavier typeface than is specified or a low quality typeface. This is most seen with characters that are retrieved by a field within Uniface application.

Uniface Anywhere Host administrators, can change the following settings within the Uniface Anywhere properties to address this issue.

Find on the HOST the file: C:\ProgramData\Uniface\Uniface Anywhere\HostProperties.xml and open it with a standard text editor.

Note: The directory C:\ProgramData\ is a hidden directory by default.

Change the value of EnablePrintOptions from false to true

    <property id="EnablePrintOptions" group="ClientAccess" type="BOOL">

Change the value of the PrintOptions property to: -raster2

    <property id="PrintOptions" group="ClientAccess" type="STRING">

For changes to the HostProperties.xml file, the 'Uniface Anywhere Application Publishing Service' (APS) needs to be restarted.

A consequence of setting the raster, could be that a shift in the printing margins can take place.

To correct the print margins, add the -printermargins value with the -xoffset and -yoffset settings to the PrintOptions property.

    <property id="PrintOptions" group="ClientAccess" type="STRING">
        <value>-raster2 -printermargins -xoffset 0 -yoffset 0</value>

The -xoffset can be a negative number (eg. -50) to move the margin to the left and positive number (eg. 50) to move it to the right of the page.

The -yoffset can be a negative number (eg. -30) to move the margin to the top and positive number (eg. 30) to move it to the bottom of the page.