Newbie question about Uniface Anywhere

Author: (thogvag)

Hello, We are currently testing Uniface Anywhere. I have a question regarding network connectivity needed for web deployment. It is stated in the manual that the Uniface Anywhere server listens on TCP port 491 by default. In one use case we have a client that would need to run our software from a mobile internet connection (3G) that has a dynamic ip-adress. (the clients ip adress changes frequently) Is it sufficient for the client to have access to the webserver (port 80) to run the application or does the client need access to the Anywhere server on port 491. My thinking is that we would have a dedicated Anywhere server in the internal net. And a web server (IIS) in DMZ or outside the firewall. And then open port 491 between web server and Anywhere server. Is this scenario possible? Ie. the only thing the client would need is an internet connection. best regards, Tomas