an extract of wishes and ratings for wishlist reports, please

Author: (ulrich-merkel)

Hi Ton,

From the past I got the impression that only a few members rated (some 2 or 3)
so if I and 2 friends rate a "10", I get TopOfTheList no matter what  obscure wish I entered.

Not many members commented their rating (especially the 1s).

Saw it from some wishes:
2 * "10" + 6 * "1" adds to 3.3
As a "real uniface developer" I ranked this wish as "mandatory to allow proper coding".  

So is it possible to provide an EXCEL extract showing the wishes aand the rating and how many members voted?

TIA, Uli

P.S. would you please add a satus "solved in next Uniface version" to the "planned in next version"
This will give the members more planning security that these function will be available.