clear memory from dll after call-out perform on c/c++ dll

Author: (Kevin)

Hi everyone, is here someone who can tell me, how you can free your memory after accessing an external C/C++ DLL using the perform call-out function in Uniface? my functions are using the XEXPORT macro from the umsw3gl.h file. A little overview of the program flow: * perfom BANCONTACTVIC in uniface calls a self-made C/C++ DLL called "CZAMVICCL" * in the self-made DLL are multiple functions which one calls other functions in a purchased DLL called "VICEMV" - this VICEMV opens a serial connection to a Point-Of-Sale(POS) system - normally the VICEMW closed the serial connection (but I don't know how to check it) Someone who know how to check active serialports?? * after the returncode from CZAMVICCL to uniface, the DLL reference stay in memory (but this is not what i expect) The program I use for checking active DLL's in the running uniface instance called "Process Explorer"