[SOLVED] $ude getReferenceList

Author: norbert.lauterbach@infraserv.com (Lauterbach)

Hello,   how can I get the Information from $ude getReferenceList? In the idf.asn I have : $SYMBOL_TABLE       2 So "SELECT * FROM uxcross" results to 266761 entrys.   I tryed : V_STRING = $ude("getReferenceList", "symboltable·;component", $ITEM$, "", "") V_STRING = $ude("getReferenceList", "symboltable·;form", $ITEM$, "", "") V_STRING = $ude("getReferenceList", "symboltable·;model", $ITEM$, "", "")   But putmess $procReturnContext just Returns :

Context=UDE getreferencelist

Which is the correct Syntax for this command??? The documentation seems not to be valid!?   Regards Norbert