How to add a validation on all date fields?

Author: (mcbash)

Hi, I'm using Uniface 9.3.02 but unfortunately have never any proper Uniface training which sometimes means that I ask questions about the most basic of things that I just haven't come across yet. Google also didn't help much this time. The client has requested that a validation on the minimum and maximum value is added on all the date fields in all forms. I am looking to see if this can be added in just one place instead of adding the validation to every date field on the forms.   It does look like all the date fields have the same syntax/interface/layout template but I don't see how I can add a trigger on those templates. I did see there is a field-template where I can add a new template with a trigger to validate, but how do I then connect the field-template to all the date-fields?   Thanks&Regards, Nelleke