Classic deployment, multiple source enquiry

Author: (radarhead)

 Hi there, I am developing/deploying my application in the classic method (no zip file or xml etc), and I am wondering if it is possible in the asn (or some other method) to specify multiple source areas. For example: main.asn *.frm                \\server\source1\components\frm\*.frm *.frm                \\server\source2\components\frm\*.frm The problem with this approach is that it simply overwrites source1 with source2, no forms are loaded from source1. I have also tried main.asn *.frm                \\server\source1\components\frm\*.frm #file                 \\server\source1\adm\main2.ans main2.asn *.frm                \\server\source2\components\frm\*.frm But it's the same outcome. The reason for wanting to have multiple locations is for QC/QA purposes, I want to have a sanitised test environment where we have a clean application deployment (which is always a mirror of the live application), but have a separate location (which takes priority) where I can drop compiled forms for testing.   Thanks in advance, Mike.