Uniface TabEx (How Form Container Lose Focus? )

Author: lorenzo.are@gmail.com (lorenzo.arellano)

Hello, We´re trying to use the TabEx widget and it works great!! We know that the TabEx has a Form Container or the capacity to open Contained Forms. We use some TabEx in the "Value Changed Trigger" with a simple selectcase: selectcase tab     case "things"         newinstance "frmthings", "things"         activate "things".Exec()         form.dummy = "things"         setformfocus "things"         tab = "things"         activate tab     case "somethings"         newinstance "frmsomethings", "somethings"         activate "somethings".Exec()         form.dummy = "somethings"         setformfocus "somethings"         tab = "somethings"         activate tab     case "otherthings"         newinstance "frmotherthings", "otherthings"         activate "otherthings".Exec()         form.dummy = "otherthings"         setformfocus "otherthings"         tab = "otherthings"         activate tab endselectcase And it works good. The code can open contained forms. But when I have the focus in the new opened form (contained) always I have to press "esc" on keyborad to close the form and get the focus on the main form. Por example: if I need to press an other "Tab" for activate the Trigger "Value Changed" in my tab, I can´t, 'cause I need press in first place the key "Esc" to close it. How can I fix that? How can I lose the focus from the contained form pressing the tab who has the "Selectcase"?   Thanks a lot.