Author: cdouglass@siriussoftware.com.au (Colin)


I am redesigning a lot of my Uniface application to not use Global Procs.

I have found that when I remove a global proc using the normal UDE forms that sometimes the entry, even though it is removed correctly from the global proc list in the form, is not removed from UOBJ.TEXT. This does not happen all the time. Most of the time it is removed from both files. The removed procs are not in USOURCE and are not recompiled if I compile global objects but they remain in UOBJ.TEXT. Because they are still in uobj.text they are included in any subsequently created UOBJ.DOL files.

I can clean up these using the UPDATE UOBJ form but I'd rather find out why sometimes they are removed and sometimes not.

Any thoughts?

Does this problem also happen when removing other global objects like messages etc?



Col Douglass