Complex Nested Web services - Need an example PLEASE!!!

Author: (Martind)

We need to be able to handle a nested tag as per example below. The forum suppresses the indentation and less than & great than signs....Replace them with curly brackets. The nested fields indentation has been forced below with "...." {?xml version = "1.0" ?} {Sender xmlns="urn:xxx/xxxx/xxxx/v1.0"} {Name}ABC{/Name} {/Sender} {Receiver xmlns="urn:xxx/xxxx/xxxx/v1.0"} {Name}CBA{/Name} {/Receiver} {CreationDateTime xmlns="urn:xxx/xxxx/xxxx/v1.0"}2013-10-23T07:18:38.462-04:00{/CreationDateTime} {MessageItem xmlns="urn:xxx/xxxx/xxxx/v1.0"} {Type}GateIn{/Type} {Vehicle} {Vin}1234567890123456M{/Vin} {Make}ABCD{/Make} {Model}25{/Model} {CurrentLocation} ......{Code}NOLOCATION{/Code} {/CurrentLocation} {NextShipToLocation} ..... {Code}DEF{/Code} {/NextShipToLocation} {Info} ....{Key}gateInTime{/Key} ....{Unit}Datetime{/Unit} ....{Value}2013-10-23T07:18:35.274-04:00{/Value} {/Info} {/Vehicle} {/MessageItem} Structs , SOAP PRE and POST request , are new to us. We need to send and receive 4 types of message. The XML tags remain constant for each message type. Unfortunately the provider of the web service is unable to flatten/un-nest fields in the webservice. What is the simplest and easiest way to handle nested web services? Thank you Martin