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Logon to TCP path that includes space after colon fails since patch 012 for Uniface 9.7.05/10.3.01

When a TCP path includes a space after the colon of the driver (i.e. TCP:) then the logon will fail when using the patch (and higher).

For example:

$wally1 TCP: host+13097|user|pass|asv

When Uniface tries to open the path $wally1 the following error is returned:

 Logon (TCP: host+13097|******|******|asv) failed with status -18, Failed to connect to URouter

In case the space is removed then everything is working as expected.

Using a space after a colon in a TCP path is the workaround recommended for Issue 31860 (Scrambled path descrambled as garbage when double parentheses follow a colon). The mentioned issue has been fixed in the meantime with the patch and In case a scrambled path is used, as described in the mentioned issue, then it is recommended to upgrade to a patch level where the mentioned problem is resolved (i.e. >= & >=