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15-August-2019: Incompatibility with various Windows versions.

The currently supported version of Uniface Anywhere, version 5, is not compatible with the latest updates from Microsoft. After installation of the update  Uniface Anywhere will crash with a blue screen of death. A solution is being worked on.

Until the solution is available, we advise not to install the update or to undo an update that was already done. Please check back here for updates about a solution.

These are the details about the incompatibility of Uniface Anywhere and the MS Windows updates.

Windows Server 2019 Standard/Datacenter
Windows Server 2016 Standard/Datacenter
Windows Server 2012R2 Standard/Datacenter
Windows Server 2012 Standard/Datacenter
Windows 10 x64 Pro/Ent Version 1607
Windows 10 x64 Pro/Ent Version 1803
Windows 10 x64 Pro/Ent Version 1809
Windows 10 x64 Pro/Ent Version 1903
Windows 8.1 x64 Pro/Ent

*Incompatible with KB4511553
*Incompatible with KB4512517
*Incompatible with KB4512488
*Incompatible with KB4512518
*Incompatible with KB4512517
*Incompatible with KB4512501
*Incompatible with KB4511553
*Incompatible with KB4512508
*Incompatible with KB4512488

On these older Windows versions, the problem does not exist.

Windows Server 2008R2 Standard/Ent

Windows 7 x64 Pro/Ent

30-August-2019: Compatibility Patch B27327-C0G available for download.

Uniface is pleased to announce the compatibility update for Uniface Anywhere Host, that fixes the incompatibility on the platforms mentioned above.

Compatibility Patch available for:

  • Uniface Anywhere
  • Uniface Anywhere + Host Update V5UAHost-B27327-C0F

Release Notes Patch:

Compatibility Patch:

  • V5x64UAHost-B27327-C0G.exe

This compatibility update is available from:

Future full releases of the Uniface Anywhere product and subsequent compatibility patches will make this patch redundant.
Redundant patches and releases of Uniface Anywhere will be moved to the Archive folder in the UA product download location.