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Instructor led online training is planned for the dates shown below.  All that is required is a reliable internet connection and a land-line telephone.  

Contact for more details.  To reserve a place, contact your local Uniface representative.


A new schedule of courses will appear here in July.  For information before that time, email


The Uniface Education Directory provides details of available Uniface training, where to find information, when the training is running and how to register for attendance. (PDF file in English).    

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  1. what is the cost of this training? and what is the cost of Uniface Client Software - version 9.4
  2. For pricing you need to contact your local Uniface representative.  If you are unsure who that is, please email me at with details of your location and I will let you know who looks after your area.
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  4. Hello, Greetings !! Does Uniface provide any training on Uniface 9.6 or latest? Please let us know, where we can connect to get more information on the same. 1. Training Cost per person 2. Uniface Training material 3. Training Place preferably in Mumbai. 4. Training on Migration to new Uniface versions. 5. Uniface development licenses for the purpose of training. Thanks and Regards, Girish
  5. Hello Girish, I have sent an answer to your questions. Pls reach out if you need additional details.
  6. Could you please provide the pre-requisites for attending Uniface training program.
  7. Could you please also provide below details Training Cost per person Duration of Course Mode of Training (Online or Classroom) Uniface development license for the purpose of training