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Yesterday, 3rd Feb, was a big day for everybody involved in Uniface. It was the first day of Uniface being an independent company, no longer owned by Compuware. Since the announcement back in January, we’ve consciously been careful on what we could say publicly. We did send out a couple of emails, and this was to all contacts at all customers.

(So if you didn’t receive that, you’ve probably opted out from receiving communications from us at some time or another, if you want that changed, please contact your Uniface account manager and he/she can fix that.)


Personally, I’m really excited to be part of this ‘whole new world’, and I’m also relieved it’s now over, as things started about 9 months ago, and it’s been quite a roller coaster ride. We have lots to do, we need to ‘extract ourselves’ from Compuware, and set up new systems, processes and hire new staff in areas such as finance, IS and so on. Thankfully there isn’t a great rush to make this happen overnight, and our new owners have lots of experience with this kind of exercise and they can provide plenty of assistance and guidance. Really that process has already started, we now have new email addresses, and the .com website is now entirely hosted in its own instance. We still need to figure out some of the underlying technologies, but we have time and help which makes life easier.

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And for the product, it can only mean good things. We’ve already started up the process to hire more into the development team, and I’m finally going to get some permanent help in product management. We’ll share more of what this means for the product when we have more concrete plans, expect this when we start the ‘new season’ of user groups in the Autumn (Fall if you’re on the other side of the pond, or Spring if your down under). But at a high level, mobile and cloud deployment are the focus areas..

Good times ahead in the new Uniface..



  1. we now have new email addresses: so it means that noone is reachable under the adress stored in my email software any more?
  2. Nope--all our Compuware email addresses will work for months to come, when you get a reply from us it will be with our Uniface email address.  So you slowly start updating your address book :)

  3. that's the way to do it
  4. Please keep me informed what's going on and what targets have been sorted out.Worked more than 25 years with U in South Germany.Good luck and best wishes,Thomas Kufner(see XING profile)