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We’re at the final stages of preparation for this year’s North American User Group (aka NAUUG), which for the second year in succession, will be in Las Vegas. From a personal perspective, last year was very significant for me, I got married there. Besides Zulayka, who was best man, maid of honor, dress consultant, etc, etc, nobody, not even our parents, knew about it (it was planned!). So the NAUUG will always be significant to me. I really enjoy the US event, the customers are great and I really like the conversations that happen during and after the event, and as it’s always a 3 day event, we have some fun and games in the evenings also, and some of us have more fun than others, I guess there is more to do in Vegas than in Denver… I always view the North American event as the beginning of the ‘new season’ of user events, with new presentations and demo’s. (Admittedly we have the German user group a week or so earlier, but that’s organised by their own committee, we have minimal input.)

This year is the first time we’re showing Uniface 10, it’s work in progress, but it’s the real thing, no prototypes or mock ups, and I’m certain we’ll get some great feedback and ideas on how we’ll shape the project going forward. We’re also presenting and demoing our mobile solution, which is based on the approach of web based or hybrid based development. This really connects well with the Uniface web capabilities (shared business logic, integration, productivity, etc), and the industry is really leaning towards the hybrid/web approach, and we’ve got a few projects that have already started up which are based on the approach. The other workshop we’re running is based on the client server modernization capabilities of Uniface 9.6, and what we’ve delivered (and planning to deliver) in the future, including some sneak hands on previews of new, undelivered functionality. (One piece we’ve already decided to subtly change for usability reasons, which demonstrates that we all benefit from this kind of approach.)

Looking forward to catching up with old friends, disappointed a few won’t be making it (Larry), and as a reminded to the QBE guys.. what happens in Vegas…

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