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We had our first user group sessions in India over the past couple of weeks. Great fun, great people and we had some great feedback from the attendees. It’s always great when people take the time to contact you afterwards to give their thanks and feedback, and it was especially important for us as it was our first sessions which were open to anybody who wanted to attend. First up was Mumbai. The weather was hot and sticky, an awesome venue, and we really had a good event. It was an unknown for us, because our distributor Techshire is based in Bangalore, so it was not on their home turf.



 Some meetings in the week, and then it was off to Bangalore, where we repeated everything again, and with such an enthusiastic audience.



We’ve put the rest of the pictures up on Facebook, and what was great, was that Geo van Dijk posted a picture from an event we had in India (maybe the last one!) way back in 1993! I’m sure we’ll be back in India soon, and personally, I can’t wait!

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