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The free development language Java is of course useful for many projects. But this statement changes as we move into the landscape of the high-end, mission-critical, 100K+ function points development projects. The typical market where Uniface stands out. I have seen too many of these business critical, larger projects developed in Java fail, while in this high-end market space Uniface projects almost always succeed and get deployed. And stay deployed, for 25 years or more while dealing with changes in infrastructure. This is not only because Uniface is a superior development technology for these high-end projects. It’s also because Java is unstable, there are too many technology breaks in a too short time frame and of course too many security issues. Not convinced? Just look at this (shocking) web-article. http://www.slate.com/blogs/future_tense/2013/01/14/java_zero_day_exploit_don_t_patch_just_disable_java_in_your_browser.html

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  1. Premature april fools joke?