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  BYOD is one of the “hottest” topics in every IT analyst prediction for 2013. According to all Top 10’s for the coming year, Mobile Enterprise apps will be the biggest CIO challenge since the introduction of Web Enterprise applications. Do we believe this “yes” or “no”? How many connected devices do I actually use myself and when? Right now I’m writing this blog posting at my desktop in the Compuware office. At my desk I have my Dell laptop, Blackberry, Samsung 10.1 tablet and my (Internet) Phone. At my home desk I have my self-made PC, Blackberry, Samsung tablet and an “old fashioned” DECT phone. On the couch I’m surrounded by my Blackberry, Samsung Tablet as the second screen and I’m watching television using my Imito MX1 (great thing!!).  In bed I’m reading Gödel, Escher and Bach on my Sony e-reader, the most innocent, cheapest and best sleeping pill you can imagine.  In total about 8 different Internet connected devices everyday, excluding the family Wii and another media center. Is that a lot? Hmmm, compared to some colleagues and friends it’s actually rather average. So what does this mean for the software I’m using during the day? Except for my 7 hours of sleep as I never take my Blackberry into my bedroom, I always have access to my work e-mail. During the evening I play Wordfeud, Songpop and Ruzzle on my tablet while watching TV and try to ignore incoming e-mails on my Blackberry, but that never works...  When I work at my desk at home in the late afternoon or early evening, it’s mostly a mix of hobby (computers), play and work. So the software I’m using is Outlook, games, browsers, Uniface and lately Eclipse. During the day at the office only tools like browsers, Outlook and other Office Apps are used. No Wordfeud or Songpop from 9 to 5 of course. Looks like in my case the analysts are right as I’m carrying around a lot of devices all day and I’m using a mix of private and work related software for a large part of the day. It’s more Bring your own DeviceS. Is that healthy? I don’t know, it just happened more or less. I wonder how your situation differs from mine? At Uniface we are working on modernization and mobile initiatives so it is important to know how and when you are using your devices and which software are you using on them, and most important would you like to change? Less or more devices? All work applications available 24x7? You name it. Please share your thoughts on BYOD and 24x7 access to everything, everywhere. I’m not only curious about which devices you’re using, but also if I’m a below or above average device geek :)


  1. Samsung galaxy note as phone/tablet, for phone, texts, email, sat-nav, kindle reader app, fitness monitor, internet search, imdb and some games. Ipod touch as mp3 player, email, kindle reader app, fitness monitor, shopping list, internet search, sky remote control, imdb and more games. Work PC (Desktop) for the programming. Home laptop for running itunes. (Since I got the samsung, before that it was for email and web and itunes.)
  2. I like to keep my life simple, so just a smartphone and a laptop. I don't like carrying around lots of devices, adapters, cables. As a consequence they are both used for work and personal stuff and are switched on 24/7. At the office I don't have or want a desk phone as I am not always there, and when I am there I like to walk around and have to attend meetings. At home I still have a landline but it is rarely used as I am either at work, working on my cars, or asleep. And I seem to use skype more often, so maybe it is time to ditch it.