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This message is for CEO’s only. Don’t show this to your IT people. We know Uniface is not the most well-known development tool in the market (really, you don’t have to tell us, we know, which is one reason why we are stepping up our social media efforts). But, from a productivity and ROI point of view, Uniface is one of the best. But not sexy and not well known (we know…although those who have seen Uniface 10 at the user events have seen that it is sexy). Therefore your IT people hate it don’t like it. And that’s why they are trying to convince you all the time to throw away invest a lot of money in Java and .NET projects which eventually in 10 years’ time (perhaps, LOL) are going to replace your Uniface apps. And of course will help their career, as Java and .NET looks really good on a CV. They will not tell you that this will cost your company many Millions of Dollars without any business benefit (after all, those are details, money needs to roll). While for a fraction of those costs you will be able to modernize your Uniface apps and achieve a lot more. Now, be careful, don’t let your IT people read this. If they know you know… well you don’t really want to meet a desperate Java engineer, right?


  1. Very nicely put Aad! Fortunately some of our longtime large customers have discovered this on time and are now in the middle of their migration process.
  2. That is the reason that we invest in UNIFACE TCCO-FAST the Uniface MDA framework. "Forget developers" With TCCO-FAST any "Business analist" capable to work with a modeling environment can create a business critical application in day's instead of months or solve the demands of the business in hours instead of days. That's warpspeed...light speed is to slow to travel the universe.