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Announcement Uniface Anywhere (11-Apr-2019)

Uniface is pleased to announce that Uniface Anywhere is available for download on the Uniface Download site:

With this version release of Uniface Anywhere:

  • Added Host Support for Windows Server 2019
  • Fixed 20 issues since version

For a full list of fixed and known issues, please see this version's Readme and Release Notes files.

UA-Windows clients are also separately available with selfextracting V5x86UAClients-B27327.exe.

These files  and also the Uniface Anywhere Administrator Guide, are available from the Uniface Anywhere download directory for this release.


  • Uniface Anywhere 4, Uniface Anywhere 5.0.0 and Uniface Anywhere 5.0.1 clients can connect to Uniface Anywhere 5.0.2 hosts, but many of the fixes and enhancements are only supported with Uniface Anywhere 5.0.2 clients.