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How to configure DLM license service     (Page under Construction)

Purpose of this document is to give simplified steps on configuring the DLM License Service / Server.
For more detailed information on how the license system and its components are build up and be used, see the documentation in the: DLMUserGuide.pdf

Configuration of Uniface applications regarding licenses, please see document: How to configure Uniface application Licensing

The Uniface product is a product that requires a valid license.

The validation of the license is done by the Uniface application through the use of the DLM client license connector.

Uniface License features can be distributed to requesting applications by means of a license service (license server) or by accessing the license file directly, this dependable on the type of license feature(s) in the used license file).
Every license file is bound to the server/system it is requested for, but license features can be supplied to applications running on other workstations in case of concurrent licensed feature with the use of DLM license services.

Default Uniface installations on windows environments will also install DLM license software.

Configuring Centralized DLM license server environment

Centralized license servers can only provide license features to requesting applications if the feature is a concurrent one or a node-locked server (usrv....) feature.

Note: In case of node-locked server features, there must be at least one concurrent feature in the license file be present to be able to start a license service.

Basically there are two scenarios that can be applicable for Centralized DLM license services.

  1. Single license service
  2. Redundant license service

Dependable on the <initial_state>tag in the license file in 'Redundant License servers' environment, the steps given for 'Single license server', needs to be done for every server mentioned in the <hostid> tag.

Install and configure DLM on Microsoft Windows Systems

Logon to the Windows environment with local user 'Administrator' or with an username with local Administrator privileges.

Find in the Uniface Electronic Distribution (Edist) the folder \Uniface_license_server\wXX\
NOTE: In case where a Uniface service or application is to be started on the same server, then select w32 when Uniface is 32-bit, or select w64 when Uniface is 64-bit. In case of NO Uniface applications on the same server, select what is preferred by you.
start by double click the required setup.exe and accept the defaults given.

Copy your license file you have received from License Management preferably to C:\Program Files\Common Files\Compuware\licenses\ (or where applicable C:\Program Files(x68)\Common Files\Compuware\licenses).
Note: in case of multiple license files please see document: Multiple License Files

After setup finishes and license file copied, start the configuration tool DLM.EXE with 'Run as Administrator'.

On the 'Local Environment' tab select the <add> button and use the link: 'Browse for a license file on disk' to point to the license file in the correct location.

If the license file is located on this machine and it is a concurrent license, the License Service is automatically started and installed. A 'Server Environment' tab is added to the DLM application, which can be used to administer the license.

By default the license service will now listen on port 7188 on this server for requests from Uniface applications that are configured to find license features at 7188@hostname.

NOTE: be aware that you may have to open up port 7188 for TCP communications in your firewall configuration.

Install and Configure DLM on Unix / Linux Systems

Logon to the Unix / Linux system by the use of a terminal program with a user who has SUDO rights (or logon as root user)!

Find in the Uniface Electronic Distribution (Edist) the folder \Uniface_license_server\unix and copy (or ftp) the file dlm_install_x.xx.tar.gz in to a temp location on your Unix/Linux system.

1) Change Directory to temp location where the zip file is located.


[user@host DLM]$ gunzip dlm_install_x.x.x.tar.gz


[user@host DLM]$ tar -xvf dlm_install_x.x.x.tar


[user@host DLM]$ sudo ./ dlm_x.x.x

This will install the license service software in the default location of /opt/Compuware/dlm/

   NOTE: If the default installation directory is not wanted or acceptable, please see the dlm_install_x.x.x-unix.doc in the temp directory for instructions.

5) Copy your license file you have received from License Management preferably to /opt/Compuware/dlm/licenses/
    Change owner and rights of the license file(s) to root with at least read rights for all.

    Note: in case of multiple license files please see document: Multiple License Files