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Uniface deployment in virtual environments (moved from the Frontline site)

Author: Product Management

We do not explicitly test or verify any virtualization technologies for Uniface deployment. Uniface applications deployed on technologies such as the Microsoft Remote Desktop, Microsoft Hyper V, VMware, Citrix and so forth are supported as long as the operating system running in the virtualized environment is supported (see the Product Availability Matrix or PAM for details). If reported issues are unable to be reproduced running natively in a supported environment, then we reserve the right to advise customers to raise the issues with the virtualization technology provider. Within the Uniface development Labs, we do make extensive use of VMware technologies for our own production (development and testing) environments. It should be noted that this is not new information, or a new policy. We’ve moved the bulk of the text from the contents of the PAM, to the Frontline website for space reasons.