Timed Licences.

Author: i.sharp@pcisystems.co.uk (Iain Sharp)

A customer of ours has asked for us to provide discounted licences because "they will only be used for the time zone overlap between UK working hours and a different timezone".  I.e. he has a need for X licences for GMT workers, and Y licences for another timezone, we use a concurrent licence model. He only needs X+Y licences for an hour or two each day.  Given that we would have to buy X+Y licences from Uniface, is there any trick anyone has which we could use to restrict the total licences ourselves outside the overlap? Something like licence pools, but based on time not client PC? 


  1. Iain, Maybe experiment with a callout to 'dlmcv.exe'? dlmcv -usage -feat -uclient -host 'yourhost' Gives a list of users, count and when used - also includes a total count... Knut

    Author: Knut (knut.dybendahl@gmail.com)
  2. My direct problem with dlmcv is that it appears to have built in UI for pagination, so more than a few users causes it to 'lock up' while it waits for a carriage return.  Does anyone else have a more direct way of querying licence usage? I know I put it in the wishlist a year or two back. 

    Author: Iain Sharp (i.sharp@pcisystems.co.uk)