DLM9 and U9.3.02: would it solve a problem I've had with a changed Host ID?

Author: nelleke.rietvink@capgemini.com (mcbash)

I am still using U9.3.02 and DLM4.5 and everything is running on my own laptop. This week the license gave errors that it was no longer valid and I discovered that my Host ID had changed. The cause of the changed Host ID possibly was that my laptop had been connected to a client network/wifi. I was given a new licensefile based on the new Host ID, but they did mention that I should maybe switch to a newer version of DLM.   So my questions: Are DLM9 and U9.3.02 compatible? Will switching to DLM9 resolve the problem of the Host ID changing and requiring a new license?   Thanks&Regards, Nelleke

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  1. Hello Nelleke,   To answer your questions first, Uniface version 9.3.02 will work fine with DLM 9, but there is no difference between DLM 9 and DLM 4.5 regarding the definition of the host id. Assuming that you are working again, I would not do the DLM upgrade right now. I will open a support case for you and you will be contacted about this issue early next week. The reason is that I would not expect connecting to a client network alone would change the host id. We will have to see what really happened.   Best regards,   Jan Cees

    Author: JanCees (jan.cees.boogaard@uniface.com)