Does Uniface Anywhere provide 'web based access' for Uniface client server applications?

Author: (Adrian Gosbell)

A question from the Uniface Anywhere webinars held in February 2016 was if Uniface Anywhere provides 'web based access' for Uniface client server applications without the need to create a web-facing application.  This in the case, and was the original reason we provided the Uniface Anywhere solution (the Uniface JTi), as a quick way way to deploy existing client server apps to the web.  It is a good solution for the following scenarios:

  • quickly deploying client server apps to the web without reworking the app 
  • Deploying Uniface client server apps to non-Windows clients
  • Zero-admin deployment - rather than install the Uniface client on each individual Windows client, it only needs to be installed in one place, on the Uniface Anywhere server.
    • Each remote client session accesses exactly the same software installation. 
    • Any changes to the application source only needs to be installed in one place rather than every single client being updated. 
  • Performance (seems to be) improved when deploying remotely. During the webinar, Arjan used the example of a Uniface site who had clients all over the country, the database server was in one location, and application was in another location. Using Uniface Anywhere helped to resolve latency issues for the end user(s).   

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