last day for the TRIAL (HAppy Valentine)

Author: (ulrich-merkel)

I wonder if some "First Time User" would tell us his experiences, notes and questions beeing on the 9.4.01 TRAIL


  1. ... are there some experiences with this?


    SUccess, Uli

    Author: ulrich-merkel (
  2. Hi Uli,


    You know I tested the TRIAL. I need more time to go further... But the licence ended on 14 on this month.

    In any cases, me coming in version 7, that developments : USP, Skeleton HTML, 3 Tiers, XML, Specifics Tags, Defines Triggers, Cookies, USYSSTAT, USYSXSLT, Defines triggers, GetState, SetState, $webinfo, WASV, WRD, sys files, ...

    Impressive !


    It would make a version for Eclipse and more intuitive to the IDF... And a real book for the beginners like me as well ( Installation until the Deployement) !!





    Jérôme from Nantes - France

    Author: Bignon (
  3. Hi Jerome,

    thanks for that very nice summary of your 9.4.01 TRIAL experiences.

    Just one thing upfront: i am no CPWR employee in any kind,
    so I do not have neither insider knowledge nor influence on the future of uniface.

    To be effective, you have to bring your ideas foreward to your CPWR representative.

    As you got with your SEK eMail from Ton Blankers, follow the procedure described:
    If you require an extension to your trial license please contact us 10 working days before the license expiration date at mentioning your name/birthdate and license expiration date.

    I thought if it is worth to write a real step-by-step book about the aspects of uniface you suggested plus a lot more.

    But without any (information-) support from CPWR it is a very hard job to do.
    And I have to earn my living selling this book (and how many people would buy this book? 50 at all?)

    Success, Uli

    Author: ulrich-merkel (
  4. Ok, I'll see for an extension for the TRIAL license.

    For the book, 50 ? That's all ?

    I think you'll sell more than 50 books worldwide, perhaps counting translated copies (french, german, dutsh, ...), that is a fact ... ! But 50 is little, no ?

    I propose to translate into French ! so let's go !

    Author: Bignon (
  5. Hi Jerome,

    just a short calculation:

    how many people (outside uniface customers) know and are interested in the product?

    how many uniface customers we have worldwide?

    how many of the customers are developing software with uniface (no maintenance, customisation,...)?

    how many of theese emploees are implementing with uniface (away from the "we did that this way for the last 15 years"?

    how many of them want to know more about this tool (than they need to earn their living?)

    how many of them want to spend their leisure time reading this book?

    and what would YOU be prepared to pay for such a book?


    And while you are reading, you want to have hands-on-experiences, play with the tool to give birth to your very special "hello world":
    Do you think a reader is willing to buy a uniface development license??

    Think consulting / training will be more benefitial to make my living, but even there is no substantial interest at least from germany


    Just as a side note: I participated in "PragProWriMo" last november to focus a bit on that "uniface" issue, and had a lot of fun even it is hard to deliver 3 pages each day.


    Success, Uli

    P.S:  If you like:

    google for a book "understanding uniface" by Jeff Mann (it's unifaceSix from 1997). ISBN-10: 1850322848 from ITCP Professional Computer Books
    When CPWR took over uniface Jeff used his share options for a longer time-out.
    Seemed to become a little boring so he decides to write the book as some pasttime (as I have heard the gossip way)

    so it was not for making money at all.

    Author: ulrich-merkel (
  6. hi uli! I am working with the trial version 9.4 I am very new to uniface, i am using MS SQL Server2005 as database. How can i connect it with idf. I made following changes to dbms.asn ; Development database [DRIVER_SETTINGS] SOL U3.3 SEQ U1.0 MSS U3.0 [PATHS] ;$SOL SOL:IBM solidDB 6.5 32-bit - ANSI:|dba|dba $MSS MSS:UniDSN:|?|? $SYS $MSS $SYS $MSS $UUU $MSS $IDF $MSS $DEF $MSS what other settings i have to do if i want to use MS SQL Server 2005 as backend.

    Author: jeevanagarwal (
  7. Hi Jeevan,

    I think it is the best to contact your local CPWR representative:

    AFAIK, the TRIAL license run out on 14-feb so you need some extension.
    They can help you as well using MSSQL with the IDF (which is not supported in the TRIAL sek).

    SUccess, Uli

    Author: ulrich-merkel (
  8. Spent all evening wondering why the service on my Windows Seven system didnt start the solid software.

    Turns out that the license is restricted in its use. It seems that if the database age exceeds 5 days it doesnot start anymore.

    What i found in de solid.lic

    License for SOLID EmbeddedEngine 04.50
    ;Evaluation License
    ;     Replicas: 0, Masters: 0
    ;     Connections: 20
    ;     Worker threads: 10
    ;     Database age: 5 days
    ;Licensed to:
    ;This product may not be used in any manner except as expressly
    ;agreed to in writing by Solid Information Technology, Ltd.

    Combined with an 8 week license for uniface 9.4 this is weird. Are there any other beta users with the samen experience?

    BTW: You can workaround it by turning back the time.

    Author: Dennis Vorst (
  9. Hi,

    looks like you have NOT copied the SOLID license you got with the trial SEK in the right places,
    so the standard SOLID evaluation license comes in effect. (See:

    AFAIK, the original trial sek run out on 14-feb.

    Looks like you got an extension of the period, perhaps someone forgot to add the neccessary SOLID license to the package.

    Success, Uli

    P.S.: Instead of fiddeling around with the system date with all the side-effects,

    - just export all the repository and
    - import it back in a brand new solid database.

    Author: ulrich-merkel (