on wish: $activepath, $activepath = (same with dbpath)

Author: ulrichmerkel@web.de (ulrich-merkel)


$activepath returns the active path as an associative list of entities and $curocc (or $dbocc for $activedbpath)

Using $activepath as lvalue, we can reset the active path in one go; on $activedbpath even a meanwhile sort will not confuse the repositioning.

Perhaps we can intruduce an argument like a field and deal with the active path for this location. 

Use case (please read what is requested here!)

- logging the exact position of an event
- restoring position after some global traverse of data
- allows collecting validation errors in a nested multi-occurence context and "jump" from location to location for amendment. 


will make work much easier, because we have all info for the WHERE question in a single command.
Especially the (re)set position functionality in a frame-in-frame-in-frame situation would come quite handy.
the dbocc- alternative allows repositioning even after a sort took place

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