which license-model for submitted code? (updated)

Author: ulrichmerkel@web.de (ulrich-merkel)

Heard that on the CBG-Conference (German User Group) 
a question was raised under which license terms
code uploaded to this community foums could be used.
Someone metioned "GNU", but is that what we really want?

infos about licenses in the web:
a pragmatic overview (because CodeProject.com is all about Code Examples)
the CodeProject License
there is a video inside the eclipse community
and the more general wikipedia

license terms on forums like CodeProject, InfoQ, ..

On the market of other languages, there are a lot of different license models,
because as an originator, you want other people to use your code as basics
for their own work without putting too much constraints on it (like mandatory to give it away for free).

But as an originator, you may want to add additional work to this basics and provide
a commercial product to earn your living.

You have discussions on these forums (even with corrrections of the code) which
improves the knowledge of the complete community in a "give first - take afterwards" spirit.

My view on the uniface community situation:

If it is basic common knowledge it is a "community-domain" product of unifaceland.

Im most of my cases, the code for dITo "community edition" examples
is free (as in beer). If you use these examples (or the concepts) as a base to
implement your own code this is 100% your work and you may make money with it. (So NO open-source).

As a provider of a lot of these code examples with the dITo initiative, I recommend:

When in doubt, just contact the uploader:
As he already has decided to share the code with the community,
he may be open for a constructive discussion about the "re-use".

Success, Uli

P.S.: I think on this level, no corporate secrets are disclosed,
when you show a "Hello World" example. So PLEASE contribute
to our collection of code with easy-to-understand demo-code (supported by dITo_C4C).

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