Hi Uli, great work ... would it be possible to post the pdf here in the Uniface Downloads section?

Author: ulrichmerkel@web.de (ulrich-merkel)

Thanks for the kind words, Zdeněk.

but I prefer to publish dITo issues on the dITo homeground.

Anybody can access it there and does not have to register to get the full code.

And I think subscribers to the "dITo digest" should get some bonus as well for indicating interest in the initiative.

Success, Uli

P.S. Beeing not employed by CPWR (as many thinks),
I have to earn my living with my "uniface talents".

Another good reason to draw the attention to my homepage.
Hope for all of you to chack out www.uli-merkel.de

with lots of "willing to pay xxx bucks if you can give me ...."

The more the better.

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  1. Zdenek,

    Imade PDF's for the lounge chats, they are in the downloads section.


    Author: Theo Neeskens (tneeskens@itblockz.nl)