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on Linkedin, Theo Neeskens started a poll in the

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How should the Uniface 10 IDF work?

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I commented:

A tool for state-of-the-art support of software development which can be expanded and customised in a way WE, the paying customers want to do our work.:

having the COMPLETE project in scope, not only the contents of one field in the repository. Minimum: All the code of a component on the screen.

The editor is aware of the existing objects and the syntax, so intellisense and autocomplete is possible (like XTEXT genereted editors).

The editor provides options for text-blocks including a dialog to map parameters of this snippet. (there are a couple of products on the market).

Having features to link in own customisations and add-ins. Like a routine to open the editor for a given object like $ude("openedit","COMPONENT","MYABCFORM",...)

An IDF providing hooks or "user exits" which allow us to link additional processing into let's say the compile process to incorporate just-in-time infos or start regression tests.


BTW: Why this is not started from, so the complete community can participate?


and another one:

Ulrich-R Merkel... and it's not the buttons & controls, but the functionality and flexibility and ease of costomisation.

Unfortunately, your categories stay on the surface. Think this is the CPWR problem: instead of making a more usable screwdriver, they produce screwdrivers in fashion colours.



  1. Ulrich-R MerkelYes, but I assume the prime goal should be for CPWR to deliver a tool which fits for the people using this to do their day-to-day work.
    Resources or time should not be excuses for a lousy implementation or missing functionality.

    Unfortunately, a lot of features (like "shortcut") suffer from this halfway implementation:
    Loosing shortcuts after even a minor uniface upgrade is only one of it. Having only some 6 * 6 shortcuts available per workbench is the other.
    This makes it useless for professional usage (which is a real pitty, because you could make this a real booster for working in different areas).

    One could have implemented this as well as a multi-occurence form on USCUT where you could have "unlimited" shortcuts; and appending 1 or 2 description fields to USCUT could be used as a reminder what needs to be done. This way we would have a todo-list incorporated into the IDF. Our current situation is P(aper)&P(encil)% a lot of navigation.

    I would have done it already, but unfortunately CPWR does not provide a $ude functionality to directly open the editor form for a given object.

    This and a lot of other issues was part of my "open IDF" presentation for the german user group in Stuttgart a couple of years ago but nothing has happend. Some other issues where from the 7.2.04 champions meeting in Amsterdam much more years ago.

    Therefore, I do not expect a real leap foreward in terms of usability and coders support in your IDF 10. And I know a lot of Uniface customers who prefer to edit the export file rather the IDF because of much better efficiency.

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  2. ... for taking an active role in this discussion. It's a great "user experience".

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    Arnd Ohlenbusch • First of all I think this discussion needs a wider range - so I think LinkedIn is the wrong place - it should be on

    To the IDF itself, I think it is the best for Compuware (and for us) to stay on the Uniface IDF with the requested enhacements. I am affraid of getting e.g. Eclipse, because it is a lot of work to get the "uniface dev way" to Eclipse. Eclipse is just a nice framework. All the recomended functionallity are not out of the box (e.g. parameter checks, ...), they have to be impelemnted by Compuware. This takes some time. And if I look at the wishlist, I come to the conclusion that time is that what Compuware needs most.
    The argument "people from university know Eclipse" is right, but how much does it help to build a uniface application - I would say almost nothing.
    So please guys, go for the needed IDF enhacements and take the rest of the time to develop the MUST HAVE GUI enhancements -> this will be the best for all of us!!!!!

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    Ulrich-R MerkelHi Tatiana, because CPWR does not provide this option, a lot of uniface customers have build their own components to do this job. The Metadictionary and $ude or "icomp" provides all whats needed to be independend from "the lab" if it comed to IDF enrichment.

    Even if it looks not "professional" because they do not cry for donations, some of them has published their codes free-of-charge on the internet.

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