Simplified web deployment/setup

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Why does it have to be so complicated to set up a WASV? I would like to see a simplified setup system/wizard to set it up. For example, WAMP Server is excellent and requires nearly nill config to install, set up websites and get running. It's one executable that handles everything.


  1. ... guess its because is it very flexible! :) my WASV.ASN isn't that big ... most of the stuff is the assignment to DBs ---8<--------------- [SETTINGS] $putmess_logfile C:\USYS9\log\wasv.log ;$ioprint=255 ;$PROC_TRACING=TRUE ;$PROC_TRACING_ADDITION="%%$componentname- %%$status-%%$procerror" ;$PROC_PROFILING=TRUE ;$trc_info=all ;$trc_levels=9a ;$trc_start=c:\uniface%p.trc ;### GHAN: 32 = only generated SQL ### ;$ioprint=32 ---8<--------------- ... and well ... some test stuff for situations that get you stuck. APACHE 2.x is HELL ... but this wasv.asn looks quiet readable Other opinions?

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  2. I wouldn't use straight apache... that's y I gave the example of WAMP Server. u pretty much don't have to touch apache (or mysql). everything can be controlled by a nice simple menu in the system tray. I wasn't saying that it's flexibility is bad, just that for simple tasks it can be somewhat more complicated than implementing a setup gui to manage the deployment, etc.

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  3. surely true, but lets think about such a tool. What should it be capable of? As far as i know, its possible to include other files from here and there to one complex configuration. This could turn out to be a tricky piece of software to develop which does nothing special but to deliver a "basic" configuration and has to handle ALL KIND of configurations to anyone in front of it. hmmm ...

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  4. But that's just a simpe thing if any "application" provides a proper API. All you have to do ist to put all these "plug-ins" under a common roof. MashUps are quite common nowadays. Uli

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