Windows CE (not WinMobile)

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we need Uniface deployment to run on Windows CE based mobile devices (such as Datalogic Memor, or any other bar code scanner based device used in warehouses).

Please note, that Windows CE is not the same as Windows Mobile. Currently, only Windows Mobile is supported, but most of deviced used by our customers are running Windws CE (mainly warehouse solutions).

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  1. Hi,

    Our solution is to use Redhat Linux to deliver the forms in VT100/200 and use a VT emulation on the Mobile CE device, we mainly use Symbol MC9000 series scanners. You just need a virtual or real server for the Linux box and maybe a urouter on a server if the DB drivers are not available on Uniface Redhat.




    Rob Cooper

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  2. If Windows CE supports Java/Active X then the JTi product will allow you to ship. Care will have ot be taken in the size of the forms shipped though.

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  3. Yes, this is what we use now (and we use it with Uniface8.4). But this means, it is completely on-line solution. What we need is something between online and offline solution (terminal is online most of the time, but there are some places in a store/warehouse with no signal, and we need our application to run temporarily in offline mode).

    Uniface Mobile works fine as far as I tested it, unfortunatelly, is Windows Mobile only. :-(

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