How open should this community be?

Author: (ulrich-merkel)

I think it is totally up to the administrator if anynomous access is possible,.
but here are some statements of the outside world about that subject.

2 statements from "the outside world"

> More info on that can be found at:  

Why does this require a login?  

I'm certainly not going to enter my UUG or Compuware login details into
a not UUG.ORG or COMPUWARE.COM/MYUNIFACE.COM site as it suggests,
however more generally: if content has been submitted to the public
domain then I think it should be accessible anonomously.

 and another one:

I agree with you . When I saw I needed a login. I refused to go there. 

Success, Uli 

I know the folder "Uniface Wishes" is not the best to place this post
but I found no better one.





  1. Hello Ulli,


    two messages on this post of yours:


    Why we should register in HERE

    Because it is a service free of charge and we if we manage to do it right, we have a benefit using it! It is priceless, and i didnt receive SPAM of some sorts yet! So, if i want to expand my knowledge or gain information about something, then i will have to sign in ... doesn't hurt, honestly! If i want to use it, the only charge is to sign in.


    And again- this Note is in the wrong place (OFF-Topic)

    Well, not that problem at all, but you might just "add a topic" if you dont find something fitting ;) ...


    I dont want to get some sort of critic or showstopper in this. I just want to prevent CHAOS where it is obsolete. Look at the other forums around. If somebody just places a post somewhere "in between" (and no, you didnt do this here and now!) an admin flames/moves your message to some other place while stating "OFF TOPIC, dude!".  :) THIS here is supposed to be community- ... and i treat it in that way.





    Author: -GHAN- (
  2. Hi -GHAN-

    it is for sure a WISH (from the outside world) to ease the access to information.
    May be worth to see if other members have heard the same "phrases" in their circles.

    Success Uli (not Ulli !)

    P.S.The official administrator  saw (not so far) no reason to:
    "flames/moves your message to some other place while stating "OFF TOPIC, dude!". 


    Author: ulrich-merkel (