Hiding columns in grid widget.

Author: i.sharp@pcisystems.co.uk (Iain Sharp)

To hide the columns in the grid widget one can use the VISIBLE=FIELD=F;FIELD2=F setting from either the entity properties form or the $entityproperties function.

However, if you hide a column in proc, and the component and grid are set to keep layout, the column width is set to 0 in the layout, so that when you un-hide it, the column does not re-appear, although the user can 'drag' it bigger if they know where it should be.

Also, when a column is hidden, the column to its left on the display cannot be resized.

Wish list.
1. Make the VISIBLE property of the grid widget a supported feature. It's been requested heavily at the last two CU technical campgrounds CU2006 and CU2008.
2. Give feedback as to current column width and painted column width in the $fieldproperties function.
3. Allow setting the column width in proc (probably also via $fieldproperties).
4. Allow a column next to a hidden column to be resized.
5. Store the layout state in the user dependant part of the registry. Different logged in users want different layouts, not different machines.

2 & 3 would allow a programmer to program around the length 0 issue, as they could check whether the field was currently 0 length and set it back to 'painted length'.


  1. Hide and show columns needed too !

    Author: addice (addice@yahoo.com)
  2. You can use the $columnsyntax to hide and show a column in the grid as well as in the default entity. However you need UNIFACE 9.5 or higher for this function. Jasper

    Author: Jasper (jasper.de.keijzer@compuware.com)