Fix bug 23848 (trusted connections unusable)

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Bug 23848 - trusted connections are unusable because Uniface pops up a logon dialogue when 'open' is used - was supposed to be fixed in 8.2.02 but is still there in 8.4.02. I certainly wish Compuware would get round to fixing this.

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  1. Hello,

    I did a quick test with version 8.4.02 and the problem #23848 ("MSS: Logon-form comes up when it should not") is resolved as advertised.

    In the ASN I've defined the following path (the ODBC DSN c1865 is pointing to a MS SQL Server database):

    $DATA = mss:c1865:worktodo||

    And in Proc I've opened the path as follows:

    open "|||", "$DATA"

    This is successful.

    It would be interesting to know what you've tried (and with which database).

    I hope the provided information is helpful.

    With kind regards,

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