Eclipse IDE for Uniface 6/7/8/9 and Uniface Version Control

Author: (Arthur Barrett)

After a recent poll on the Uniface Professionals Linked-in forum, I was curious as to whether it's possible to use the Eclipse IDE for Uniface development when the Uniface repository is stored in 'text files' using our UD6 product (Uniface Version Control). I had an Eclipse developer spend 88 hours on doing a proof-of-concept, and here the video I posted has given me a lot of responses: March Hare Software have been selling 'Uniface repository as text files' solution since 2001 and our many customers use it for: - native version control (ClearCase, PVCS, SVN, Git, CVSNT/CVS Suite, etc.) - native build management (Make/Ant etc) - native release management - and now we've shown how you can also use native editors/IDE I'll be doing complimentary on-site demonstrations in the next 2 weeks 15th May to 17th May. - Frankfurt Germany Tuesday 21st May - Amsterdam The Netherlands Thursday 23rd May - Prague Czech Republic - Stavanger Norway - London UK We've just added inheritance to the demo, and will be adding patterns (eg: refactoring, auto-complete local proc names/local variable names etc.) very soon. To make a booking for your workplace or user-group please email or check out the web site: Or you can call us for more information: USA: 800-653-1501 UK: 0207 692 0712 AU: (02) 8212 4409 Thank you! Regards, Arthur Barrett Product Manager


  1. looks very interesting, see you at tuesday, uli

    Author: ulrich-merkel (
  2. I've just uploaded an updated video: - Reads and Writes Text Files (XML) direct from the Uniface repository database (UD6) - Based on the Eclipse IDE framework - To compile, runs a build script or idf.exe /frm - Shows properties (eg: locking: optimistic/cautious) including inheritance - All Triggers window displays triggers for all fields, entities and component - Traditional trigger window displays triggers just for selected entity, field etc. - Simultaneously work on traditional IDF and Eclipse UD6 IDE Demonstrations available: 21st May @ 12:30 Frankfurt Hilton THE SQUAIRE 22nd May - London 23rd May - The Netherlands and Amsterdam 24th May - Prague 27th May - Norway (west coast) For bookings please email

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  3. Just attended the demo in Frankfurt. Some use cases can be processed much faster if you see the complete code of a component rather than a single trigger only. Even it's only a Proof-of-concept, it is very impressing to see what is possible as an extension to the IDF.

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  4. Hi, I also attended the demo a week ago and found it very promising. I have started to use March Hare's UD6/CMtool Driver many-many years ago. It made my life a lot easier as a Uniface developer. Storing all the sources in XML files using this driver let me use the same standard tools for source code management what's used in other parts of the project. Using Eclipse IDE for Uniface development would add very nice features and I hope the concept will become a plug-in of Uniface! I'm curious how the sources are maintained in other Uniface projects but I found the UD6 very convenient. Cheers, Zoltan

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  5. Happy to hear about Uniface IDF on Eclipse. curious to see the component editor as well on eclipse with better GUI. ~Shiva

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