Logical Printers in Uniface client/server

Author: cdouglass@siriussoftware.com.au (Colin)

Hi,   I am using UNIFACE 9.06 on various versions of windows server and windows 10 and I am having trouble defining logical printers.   I have multiple users and need to define a logical printer to access a PDF printer. When I enter the logical printer information into a session of Uniface run time on one user, it removes the logical printer definition from other users.   I enter the information using the PRINTER tab within the setup menu. I add the printer name and then the physical printer it is mapped to. All looks good.   When I add the information to another user it appears ok as well. But when I go back to the original user and restart the Uniface run time,  the previously entered logical printer info is gone. It doesn’t matter if I use the same logical printer name or different ones.   The documentation says what I am doing is ok so can anyone help please?   Col Douglass

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  1. Hello Col Douglas   Logical printers are registered in the registry but also in the ini file. To avoid your problem with logical printers each user must use his own ini file. If different users use the same ini file they will overwrite the line logprinter=PRT_LP1,PRT_LP2,.... in the [printer] section from the ini used when adding or chnaging a logical printer.   Regards Peter Beugel

    Author: PBeugel (peter.beugel@uniface.com)