Installing uniface to a different start menu path.

Author: (Iain Sharp)

When the uniface installer runs, the default start menu path is :- e.g. Uniface\Uniface 9.7.03 Development   If I change this to e.g. Profit\Uniface, then it seems to ignore the sub-folder entirely, and just install into the Profit start menu folder, making the folder very messy.  Is there a way of getting the installer to install to a subfolder of a folder in the start menu?  Regards,  Iain


  1. Hi Iain, under these circumstances it may be better to rename/relocate it AFTER the installation in your start menu folder: C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Uniface Just a tip to get the job done right now, but the installer shoud work as we expect, Uli

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  2. Apparently it screws up on windows 10, windows 7 is fine, as is Server 2008. The folder layout in C:\ProgramData\Microsoft\Windows\Start Menu\Programs\Profit is fine, three subfolders, one for each version of uniface installed. However, it removes and flattens these in the actual start menu display. So moving it after the fact seems impossible.  I will be installing it on a customer server 2012 tonight, so I suppose I'll find out what it does on that machine then. 

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  3. Hi lain, One question: what do you mean with "messy folder"? I am asking because I've Uniface 9.6, 9.7, 10.2 and Anywhere installed on my W10 machine using standard Uniface installer, having ALWAYS choosen custom directories during installations. I do not notice any "messy" folder. In my case each Uniface version has its own menu folder containing its own links for Development, Deployment, Client debug, Server debug, Monitor, and so on... Hope it helps. Regards, Gianni

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  4. I am trying to put the uniface folders inside the folder for our app. I have two pictures from two windows machines installed the same way with the same installer but no way of sensibly adding them to this forum, windows 2008 does what I want, Start->Profit->Uniface9.6. Windows 10, Start->Profit, no Uniface9.6 subfolder, just all the icons mixed in with the ones for our app.  Having identified this is a windows problem not a uniface one, I'v egone looking for it on the web and found this from a Microsoft MVP 

    As Arijit_Dey has pointed out, the Start Menu does not appear to support the display of subfolders or identification of items with the same name under subdirectories of Start Menu\Programs. This is the same as the Start Screen of Windows 8.1. If this is functionality that you need in your environment, I would suggest providing feedback to the development teams via the Windows Feedback app. Brandon

    Here's the example from the MS Forum, these two readme.txt files are in two different subfolders of Product XYZ, windows is displaying the shortcuts at the same level in the start menu.  Example Only in my environment, what should be a simple menu with 4 items in it, is now a complex one with 46 items, with things like 'monitor' displayed three times, (Also 'IDE' etc.) Some things, which presumably don't exist in one of the versions only show up twice.  They are displayed in alphabetical order, so there are not even sane groupings of the information.  I was trying to do this so my users, who are not technical, don't ask what this Uniface folder is all about.  I suppose the 'solution' per se is to use the folder structure Uli mentioned, and just delete all the uniface installed shortcuts, our clients don't need them anyway.  Iain

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