[SOLVED] Uniface on iPad - key?

Author: mrpetzl@hotmail.com (M Wilson)

Is there a default Uniface GOLD key (or key combination) for the iOS keyboard on an iPad? We are using the "$SWAP_GOLD_PROFILES" setting in the asn file, but still get the literal character - this means it's impossible to enter a retrieve profile. Do I need to use a specific keyboard table for iOS? I can't find anything obvious in the documentation. Thanks,

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  1. Here's a FYI for the other forum users (this issue also has been forwarded to Support): The reported problem seems to be caused by the keyboard layout used by the Citrix Receiver app (running on iPad). When the Unicode layout is used then the $swap_gold_profiles setting does not work as expected, but when switching to the non-Unicode layout then everything is working fine. Daniel

    Author: diseli (daniel.iseli@uniface.com)