Wish list is set to read only - early steps towards a new support site.

Author: adrian.gosbell@synapse-i.jp (Adrian Gosbell)

We are working on a project to replace the current Uniface.info site, and after a project meeting just before Easter, we have decided to make the wish list be read only until the new site, with new functionality is up and running.  Over the past year or so, we have been moving our internal systems to the Atlassian software, I've talked about this a few times at user events, customer visits and so forth.  The next phase is to move away from the current call tracking system to their Service Desk functionality, and as part of this project, it will give .info users single sign-on.

  • It's a lot better than the current situation where different log-ins are needed between .info, the download site and call tracking which are currently 3 separate systems.  
  • Gives us a better way to manage user accounts, for example if a user is no longer entitled to have access. 

A further phase is to move the entire site, forums, surveys, etc into the Atlassian solution, and this includes the wishlist, which will be better for all involved for a number of reasons, including:

  • Users can vote on requirements, and they should be closer connected to (agile) epics, which in turn makes it easier to bring them into the consideration when we are working on similar areas of the product. 
  • Because it will be tightly coupled to user stories, it makes the whole notification/communications process a lot better, both from an automation perspective, and how those notifications are received. (at the moment, it's totally manual).  

We are not going to migrate the current wishlist into the new one wish list mechanism. This is for a number of reasons, but at a high level, we started to look into the technicalities of moving them across and it became clear it was going to be challenging to automate. After thinking about it some more, the decision is that with the new site and its functionality, it will be a new start.  As a result, I asked Tim, the admin of the current site, to disable the functionality to log new wishes.  If you have raised wishes which are particularly important to you, please take notice of them, and reenter them into the new mechanism when it become online in a few months.  I am sure that there will be questions, but a few things I can think of at this time:

  • Our thinking is that the forums will come across 'as is'. 
  • There should be one search mechanism. (currently the search for the site, the forums and the documentation are different engines). 
  • Everything under the downloads tab needs to to be thought about some more, the current structure isn't great. 
  • We need a better way to handle 'articles' containing important/useful information. We have used the forums for this, and that has proven to not be effective. 
  • We want to use the Atlassian solution for everything.
    • This should make things a lot easier to maintain and keep current. (we ended up with a load of Wordpress plugins with a load of customisations which made the site overly complicated.).  
    • It gives us a better framework for layout and design. 
    • Browser/JavaScript/HTML layout issues are something we can ask Atlassian to resolve if they come up in the future. 

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  1. Great, Adrian. Thanks

    Author: luis.vila (luis.vila@uniface.es)