How can I insert a picture in a post?

Author: (Lauterbach)

Hello,   in the Help of this Forum is listet :  

Advanced Rich Editing

Images and Attachments

There is a button on the editor toolbar for inserting images that are already hosted somewhere on the internet. If you have a URL for an image, click this button and enter the URL in the popup box which appears. If you want to upload your own images or other media and your forum administrator has granted you permission to do so, then use the Attachments button beneath the editor window instead.   How to get the permission to upload images and sample procfiles?


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  2. AFAIK the upload is not enabled in the forum. But in case you would like to add images to your post then you could upload them to a site like e.g. and insert them into the post. Image upload...   And for what purpose do you want to upload proc files? In case you would like to share a sample with others then you could share it as a Community Sample. Hope this helps. Kind regards, Daniel

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