Cleaning up/rearranging the forums

Author: (Adrian Gosbell)

I'm slowly going through the forums, trying to make the overall usability simpler by doing things such as reducing the number of forums, merging duplicate topics and so on. I'm not enjoying the Wordpress dashboard that is used for managing behind the scenes, so it's going to be done over a period of time. I should also add, that as I come across threads certain threads, I'm deleting them. Threads which are older than about 3 years, and don't have any responses. Threads which were corrupted when we moved from the old site to Word Press. (sorry, we got most of them, but not all). Not a hard and fast purge/clean up, but more of a 'if I stumble across it, then I"m addressing it' approach.

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  1. Hi Adrian, just found the "uniface wishes" forum is locked with a note that wishes should go to the wishlist. Sometimes, it is possible to get the requested functionality with the current uniface, as dITo has shown in many cases. We all know that the comments in the wishlist is not the best way for discussions because there is no way for a proper layout and therefore code examples are very hard to read. and there is no indication of new comments in the whats's new page. Thats the reason why some wishlist entries have a counterpart on this forum. And IIRC when the wishlist was introduced, there was announced that processing of a new wish would include: give the wish a number, create a forum topic. Perhaps you plan to introduce another way to support discussions on the wishlist items. It would be beneficial if all comments would have a proper layout and are tracked as "new" like we see it on the blogs. Greetings from Frankfurt/Germany, Uli

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