Latest Survey.

Author: (Iain Sharp)

Hmmm, again I find that the survey questions are too limiting. Where the clients are on the same LAN as the server, we use a local installation on the clients of the forms and some services, but most services are run via urouter. Where the clients are on a WAN, we do a client installation on a separate machine to the main server, and then use JTi to distribute the clients over the internet. Some of our customers do the same thing but with the 'client server' being a terminal services machine. Some of them ship the whole desktop, and some of them use the Server 2008+ terminal services to just ship the app to the far clients. So the answer to the survey for us is, "Everything here except Citrix", but I wouldn't rule out using Citrix, if that were the preferred method of our customer. How is it for everyone else?

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