RSS feed not working?

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I use rss feed to keep me updated, what's new on unfortunately, I have the last messsage on rss dated May 14. I wanted to update my RSS reader with new link, but link is still the same - not working.

Could someone please look at this? RSS is the very best option for me to keep trace of what's new here...



  1. Hi Zdenek,

    I have been using RSS feeds from for over three years now, for the same reason as you: to keep me updated quickly without having to log on to the site.

    On and off over these three years the RSS feed has not been working for a few weeks, and then suddenly it's working again.

    In the 'Preferences' section there is a 'Reset RSS key' button, but that only generates a new key, so that your old URL and key, that you may have lent to somebody, does not work anymore. Sort of 'privacy/security'option. However, generating a new key has never helped me to get the feeds working again.

    When I enter my current feed URL on it is full of warnings and/or errors. I'm not sure if any of these warnings/errors are so serious that the feed stops working.

    On second thoughts, I think that it might be content-related, i.e. the content in some topics contain 'not alowed' characters that mess up the RSS feed. Look at my URL sanity check, if you like: 


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  2. I'm having problems accessing the RSS feed today. I've tried re-setting the RSS Key but I still get the following message when clicking on the RSS icon: This RSS feed address is invalid or not functioning. Please contact your site administrator.

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  3. The RSS feed is working again.

    This was indeed caused by some content in one of the forum posts.

    We are working to get this fixed.

    Sorry for any inconvenience.


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