New naming scheme for patches after MG04/10.3.01

Author: (JanCees)

New naming scheme for patches after MG04/10.3.01

The naming convention for Uniface patches and service packs will be changing from the first patches released for 9.7.05 and 10.3.01.

Existing convention

Up until MG04 and 10.3 patches and service packs had a naming convention, based on a combination of letters and digits:

  • Patches: The name is composed of one letter, followed by a three-digit sequence number
  • Service Pack: The name is composed of two letters, followed by a two-digit sequence number

The identifying letter used for a release was determined by picking an ID that has either not been used before or is sufficiently old that it would not confuse. There are problems with the current approach:

  • From an administrative perspective, using the naming syntax we’ve used so far, we are running out of letter IDs and 10.3.01 will require a new on to be selected.
  • From a user perspective, the naming of patches is a bit odd: the sequence of the letters in the patch id does not match the sequence of the Uniface releases.

New convention

On the Uniface download site patches and service packs will get a name that aligns with the file names of the distributions:

  • 'uf'<main version>-<patch sequence number><platform code>.<extension>

Illustrated by the following examples for 32-bit Windows distributions:  

Release/Patch Existing naming convention New naming convention
MG04 w32mg04.exe w32mg04.exe 
First patch on MG04 w32g501.exe uf9705-001w32.exe
Tenth patch on MG04 w32g510.exe uf9705-010w32.exe
Service pack MG05/9.7.06 w32mg05.exe uf9706-000w32.exe
10.3.01 GA  -  -
First patch on 10.3.01 w32<some letter>101.exe uf10301-001w32.exe

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