Uniface 9.6 PAM updated to reflect the 9.6.08/MX08 update

Author: adrian.gosbell@synapse-i.jp (Adrian Gosbell)

the Uniface 9.6.08 update was made available in mid December, but it looks like I didn't hit the button to make the PAM 'live' in this site. (not sure what happened there, probably an operator error).  The new Uniface 9.6 PAM is now available.  This is the version of Uniface 9.6 which supports deployment on Windows 10. We don't have plans for an additional currency to be delivered on Uniface 9.6 as it is now in maintenance mode. As a result, we're not anticipating to deliver any additional service packs on this release of Uniface, as we are planning to deliver maintenance in patches.  

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