Where to find information regarding supported versions , life cycle , downloads.....

Author: peter.beugel@uniface.com (PBeugel)

Hello Several Uniface customers asked where to find information regarding our customer portal , supported versions , life cycle , downloads..... Here a small summary:   We are looking into a single sign on configuration. However at the moment we still have 3 separated areas that all 3 need a separate registration. The customer portal for Uniface Customer Support is accessible at https://support.uniface.info/servicedesk/customer/portal Your username is your email address. For first access, you will need to set your password. How this is done is described in the user guide that is available on uniface.info at http://unifaceinfo.com/uniface-service-desk-user-guide/. This portal enables you to communicate with Uniface Customer Support. It is possible to log and update calls by e-mail. The e-mail address for that purpose is customer.support@uniface.com. If you have problems with the new system, then please contact us at uniface.technical.support@uniface.com   General technical Uniface site: Information , Documentation , Samples , Forums , Support pages are available via the Uniface global network community site: http://unifaceinfo.com You can register for this community. Uniface support announcements and messages: are done via the Uniface technical Support Forum. unifaceinfo.com/forum/unifacetechnicalsupport/ Life cycle information: http://unifaceinfo.com/forum/unifacetechnicalsupport/the-uniface-support-lifecycle/ The UNIFACE PLATFORM availability documents: On the home page http://unifaceinfo.com/ there are links. A direct link: http://unifaceinfo.com/downloads/download-category/1-uniface-platform-availability/   Uniface Downloads: Patches, service packs can be downloaded via http://download.uniface.com/ after registration via https://download.uniface.com/registration/ The Uniface distributions can be found in https://download.uniface.com/downloads/Uniface/distributions/   Kind regards Peter Beugel Sr. Technical Support Analyst

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