Uniface version 9.7 downloads temporarily not available.

Author: jan.cees.boogaard@uniface.com (JanCees)

The Uniface 9.7 download that was made available last week requires a version 9.7 license. This is not as intended. It should be possible to run Uniface 9.7 with existing licenses too. For this reason the download is temporarily not available. A new download without the license restriction will be made available as soon as possible.

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  1. The Uniface version 9.7 downloads are now available again. This download will work with existing license files. This is the only difference with the previous download. The Uniface version, 9.7.01, is identical. If the previous version is already up and running with a new license file, then there is no need to replace it with the new download. The first patch on version 9.7.01, G101, will remove the license file restriction.

    Author: JanCees (jan.cees.boogaard@uniface.com)